Paola Agosti | Nadine Gordimer. Johannesburg, 1983

Paola Agosti | Nadine Gordimer. Johannesburg, 1983

Paola Agosti

Nadine Gordimer. Johannesburg, 1983

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Nadine Gordimer

From BBC Obituary

South African Nobel Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer has died in Johannesburg aged 90.

The writer, who was one of the literary world’s most powerful voices against apartheid – died at her home after a short illness, her family said.

She wrote more than 30 books, including the novels My Son’s Story, Burger’s Daughter and July’s People.

She jointly won 1974’s Booker Prize for The Conservationist and was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1991.

The Nobel committee said at the time it was honouring Gordimer for her “magnificent epic writing” which had been “of very great benefit to humanity”.

Fellow acclaimed South African author JM Coetzee, whose novels often focused on their country post-apartheid, said Gordimer “responded with exemplary courage and creative energy to the great challenge of her times, the system of apartheid unjustly imposed and heartlessly implemented on the South African people”.

He told the BBC: “Looking to the great realist novelists of the 19th Century as models, she produced a body of work in which the South Africa of the late 20th Century is indelibly recorded for all time.”

The daughter of a Lithuanian Jewish watchmaker, Gordimer began writing from an early age. She published her first story – Come Again Tomorrow – in a Johannesburg magazine at just 15.

Her works comprised both novels and short stories, where the consequences of apartheid, exile and alienation were the major themes.

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